Stablecoin backed by 100m EUR tokenised securities.

The XBE.Finance community initiative has taken the initial ambitions of the EURxb protocol forward as an open protocol, visit for more on this!

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Decentralised Real-World Reserves

Protocol launch reserves held in Senior Secured Green Bonds.  Tokenising the regulated securities system from the collateral assets upwards, means you only have to trust the blockchain.  

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Earn returns in your wallet

The EURxb token grows at 7%pa in your Ethereum wallet - without locking tokens in contracts!

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Uniswap: EURxb/XBE Pair
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The EURxb tokenisation process

The EURxb Security Asset ERC721 NFT represents a call against the collateral backing the protocol’s bond reserves, and is locked into EURxb’s Bond Smart Contract that mints a linked EURxb Bond ERC721 NFT.  This token represents a bond subscription to the ISIN Registered Security and is in turn locked into the EURxb Euro Smart Contract to generate the EURxb stable coin - which appreciates at the bond interest rate (7% per annum).

Bond holder to DEFI user

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Partner with EURxb

An institutional DeFi yield program

The first EURxb institutional vault is a unique product spearheaded by the EURxb team in which it allows for transparent and regulated access of institutional funds to the world of decentralised finance with an expectation of only 5% APY (in addition to the passive 7% per annum yield of each EURxb token).

Bond holder to DEFI User with Vault Strategies

Redeeming a Tokenised Bond at Maturity

Bond NFT Owners are able to redeem matured tokens for 100% face value through the traditional channels or secondary markets, or elect to convert their Bond for 115% the face value of equity in a range of ventures with EURxb’s launch partner.

Defi (KYCd) to Bond Holder at Maturity

Discretionary exchange of EURxb for bond reserves

DeFi holders of more than 1m EURxb have the option of processing a regulatory compliant bondholder registration process, and on successful completion (subject to issuer and statutory requirements) can, with the issuer’s assistance, exchange each lot of 1m EURxb for the equivalent value in EURxb reserves held as Bond NFTs on the protocol.

DEFI to Bond Holder (Non-KYC’d)
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Participate in protocol

The community has taken the EURxb towards a more open protocol with XBE.Finance.  Find out more about this at

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Equitable and Fair

Fairly launched, community owned and managed from launch.

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Transparent and Straight Forward

No founder or investor allocations - governance 100% distributed to community.

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