5. How do I obtain the XBE governance tokens?

In order to receive XBE you will be required to provide liquidity to the EURxb pools on either Balancer or Uniswap within the first 7 days of launch. The distribution has been set to favour early liquidity providers to ensure maximum liquidity on launch day. Please note you will be required to wait until the end of the liquidity event (7 days ending ~ Wed Mar 3rd 2021 11:00:00 GMT+0000) before withdrawing your deposited LP tokens. At the end of the liquidity event, you will be able to withdraw your liquidity AND earned XBE rewards.

To further assist liquidity providers we have provided an atomic swap contract allowing for fixed rate swaps until the total amount has been used in the contract. This allows LPs to only provide one side of the liquidity at launch (USDT, USDC, DAI and BUSD). The atomic swap contract will automatically swap the deposited amounts at the fixed rate and deposit it into the respective pools.

More information on the atomic swap contract can be found below.
More information can be found using our guide here.

The rate of the atomic swap contract is 1.21 USD/EURO