6. How is the XBE distribution going to work?

As EURxb has no investors and is fairly launched, anyone is able to provide liquidity and in turn earn their share of XBE.

The full circulating supply of XBE will be distributed over 7 days starting on the launch of the protocol. The distribution has been configured to favour early liquidity provision to incentivise liquidity supply at launch. The total circulating supply of XBE is 15,000.

Each of the 4 pools will receive 3000 tokens distributed over a 7 day period, and the protocol treasury (controlled by governance) will be assigned the remaining 3000 tokens.

Please note you will be required to wait until the end of the liquidity event (7 days ending ~ Wed Mar 3rd 2021 11:00:00 GMT+0000) before withdrawing your deposited LP tokens. At the end of the liquidity event, you will be able to withdraw your liquidity AND earned XBE rewards.