14. What is the Atomic Swap Contract (router) and how does it work?

The team at EURxb recognizes the limitations when introducing a new asset into the free market and as such the entire system is designed to empower users of the protocol to gain access to not only the interest bearing EURxb but also the governance token XBE through sufficient liquidity pools.

The atomic swap contract is designed with this in mind, by offering liquidity providers the ability to simply provide one of the supported assets at launch (USDT, USDC, DAI and BUSD). Once a liquidity provider deposits supported assets into the atomic swap contract (router) the contract will split the funds 50/50 between the deposited asset and EURxb at a fixed interest rate. This rate is set at launch and will not be changed, allowing DeFi users to take advantage of any arbitrage that may occur. The contract (router) will then deposit these assets into the relevant pool and then stake the LP tokens into the XBE rewards contract allowing for the LPs to be rewarded in XBE. This process is a 1 click process that is automatically executed by the atomic swap contract.

An example can be found below:

Eg.  As a new liquidity provider I wish to provide 1000 USDT worth of liquidity. I deposit 1000 USDT into the atomic swap contract (found on app.eurxb.finance). The contract splits my funds into 500 USDT and 413.20 EURxb (500 USDT worth of EURxb at an example fixed rate of 1.21 USD/EURO). The router then automatically deposits both the USDT and the EURxb into the Uniswap USDT pool and then further stakes my LP tokens in the XBE rewards contract. This enables me to be rewarded in XBE during the launch phase.