The big XBE liquidity reward starts ~9am UTC Friday 2 April 2021!

The big XBE liquidity reward starts ~9am UTC Friday 2 April 2021!

This event has been successfully completed and earned rewards can now be claimed and withdrawn together with LP tokens.

UPDATE - This event has now completed successfully. If you would like to claim your rewards and withdraw your staked LP tokens, you can do so on the Official App UI


The ± $ 2,500,000 USD (current rate) reward program of 1,000 XBE is going live on Friday 2nd April ~9am UTC!

On Friday April 2nd 2021 at approximately 9am UTC, the $XBE Liquidity event is finally kicking off! This event will run over 10 days and distribute 1,000 XBE (currently valued at ~2.5m USD) split evenly between the USDT/XBE pools on Sushiswap and Uniswap respectively (500 XBE to each pool).  That means that over 10 days, every day a total of 100 XBE tokens will be awarded between the Uniswap and Sushiswap LPs (50 XBE per pool per day).  Also note that LPs will be able to withdraw their rewards at any time during the event, even though USDT/XBE pool liquidity will be locked till the end. 

RULES of the $XBE liquidity event:

1. In order to take part, you will be required to hold equal value of XBE and USDT according to the pool ratio at the time that you add liquidity.  Should you not have $XBE, you can purchase it on the pools listed below beforehand.

2. Once you have both assets, you can head over to to add your liquidity.  This section can be found under “PROVIDE LIQUIDITY” – bottom left of the UI:

(choose either the USDT_XBE pools on Uniswap or Sushiwap to provide liquidity to)

3. You will need to approve both assets in the pool you intend to fund (XBE and USDT) for use by the contracts, and after that you can deposit your liquidity into the appropriate pools.  If you are taking part in the XBE liquidity event please ensure you deposit Liquidity into either the Uniswap USDT-XBE or Sushiswap USDT-XBE pools.

4. Once you’ve provided liquidity to the Uniswap USDT-XBE or Sushiswap USDT-XBE pools you’ll be able to stake your LP tokens in order to start earning XBE as your LP rewards. You can do this under the “STAKE LP TOKENS TO EARN REWARDS” heading:

(stake your pool LP tokens to claim XBE rewards)

5. The app ( will be updated on Friday morning prior to the start of the event. Only then will you be allowed to stake your LP tokens.

Please note that staking your liquidity will lock your liquidity until the end of the event, lasting a total of 10 days (ending April 12th ~9am UTC). During this time you will be unable to withdraw your LP tokens (meaning the XBE and USDT that you provided as liquidity to the pools will also be locked for this period), however you will be able to withdraw any of the XBE rewards awarded daily on a real time basis.

Liquidity Event Information

Uniswap Pool address:

Sushiswap Pool Address:

Start Date:

       ~9am UTC, Friday April 2nd 2021

Total Reward:

       1,000 XBE (currently ~2.5m USD) distributed over 2 pools (Uniswap and Sushiswap).

Daily Reward:

       50 XBE paid to Uniswap LPs and 50 XBE paid to Sushiswap LPs until end of the event.

Duration of LP event:

       10 days.

Liquidity locked:

       Yes, your liquidity will be locked until the end of the event (~9am UTC Monday 12 April).

Please also note that your daily XBE rewards earned are not locked, and can be withdrawn at anytime. You will be allowed to compound your deposits by adding your daily XBE rewards as liquidity (provided you have the USDT available to match), however remember that any additional liquidity provided will also be locked until the event is over if you stake those LP tokens for even more rewards.


Audits (we will update Github with the audit as soon as it completes):

Distribution Schedule of EURxb and XBE: 

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